Adoption Aid

Adoption can cost between $5,000 and $45,000 and as a result many children around the world are not adopted. Through adoption grants, Room for One More will help offset the high cost of adoption and help a family bring their child home.


Many U.S. corporations offer employee adoption benefits. From extended leave (paid and unpaid) to adoption cost reimbursements, companies can receive IRS tax benefits by offering their employees these benefits so if your employer doesn’t currently offer them, consider asking them to do so.  Information about adoption benefits through employers can be found at or

If you are a full-time military family, there is a one-time subsidy program where you may be entitled to adoption benefits which can include agency fees, legal fees and medical fees.  These benefits are paid after the adoption is finalized.  Please visit


Federal and state tax deductions or credits may be available.  Please seek guidance with a qualified tax professional for additional information as there have been recent and significant changes in the tax rules in relation to adoption.

Some information on this page has been republished with permission from YWAM.